Trump to Muslims on first foreign trip: Drive out terrorists

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump will use his first visit to the Middle East to call for unity in the fight against radicalism in the Muslim world, launching the challenge as a “battle between the good and the bad” urging Arab leaders to ” Hunt terrorists from their places of worship, “according to a draft of the speech obtained by The Associated Press.
The abandonment of part of the anti-Muslim reporter takes on the electoral campus, the project’s speech, which should be delivered in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, is considering new partnerships with traditional allies of the United States in the Middle East. The above all abstains from the democracy and human rights – Mention Arab leaders often issues such as the United States moralistic view – in favour of the more limited goals of peace and stability.
“We are not here to give lectures – telling people to live, what to a donor to the WHO for We are here to offer the partnership to build a better future for all of us,” says the document.
Trump was from Washington Friday afternoon in Riyadh, will stage first of his maiden voyage overseas trip as president. The marathon trip will also take you in Israel, the Vatican, Belgium and Italy. The trip is a key test of the President’s diplomatic ability and the possibility of adding the substance to a foreign policy that I have categorized in general terms as “America first.”
Two different sources provided that access point with the project of copies of his speech presented as a speech marquee of the trip. One version, Thursday night’s release includes comments from editions with the responsibility of the administration, indicating that he was still at work in progress.
The White House has been confirmed by the project was genuine, but warned that the president has not signed and final product.
“The president has not seen this project,” said spokesman Sean Spicer White House. “It’s one of five projects that were written by several people.” That keeps getting input and writes a final version. ”
Trump campaign is characterised by its anti-Islamic and administered have tried twice to impose a ban on travel to several Muslim-majority countries. “I think our Islam hates,” I said in a moment.
The speech of the bill does not include any mention of “radical Islamic terrorism” – a candidate phrase Hillary Clinton Trump opposed criticised regularly and President Barack Obama to elude. His speech called terrorism a widespread problem that plagues all who love peace.

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