Obama praises Paris climate deal despite Trump’s withdrawal

Obama praises Paris climate deal despite Trump’s withdrawal

Former President Barack Obama praised climate deal Monday in Paris, even after President Trump announced earlier this year that he would withdraw the pact from the United States.

“The Paris agreement, even with the temporary absence of US leadership, remains a key factor in helping our children solve the enormous challenge of civilization,” Obama told a Seoul conference organized by the media group Chosun Ilbo in Korea, according to CNN.

Trump announced in early June his decision to withdraw the United States from climate deal in Paris.

Trump launches the movement as one that puts the United States first and called the Paris agreement “very unfair to the highest level in the United States.”

In his speech Monday, Obama also addressed North Korea.

“China is the only country with North Korea depends to some extent and elites depend on access to foreign currency, basic supplies that are important to the regime,” the former president said, according to CNN.

“Pyongyang does not always listen to China … Unlike [Kim Jong Il], [Kim Jong Un] has often participated in considerable Beijing diplomatic insults in ways we have not seen before and in a way that surprised China,” he added. .

“You have a young man who is only interested in maintaining power and is willing to do everything to support him.”

Trump said last week that the “patience” of the United States ended with North Korea calling for an aggressive international effort to curb the nuclear-state criminal program.

“Together, we face the threat of the reckless and brutal regime in North Korea,” Trump said at the White House along with South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in.

“Nuclear ballistic missiles and programs of this scheme requires a determined response.”

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