Police kill gunman trying to steal helicopter at Oregon airport

Police kill gunman trying to steal helicopter at Oregon airport

Police shot and killed a man attempting to steal a helicopter from a private air hangar at an airport near Portland, authorities said Monday.

Police chief Lieutenant Hillsboro Henry Reimann said the bomber boarded a fence at the local airport and approached the Hillsboro Aero Academy helicopter hanger at 11:30 a.m. local time.

An employee of the academy showed his girlfriend the helicopter, which had the engine running, said Reimann.

Police had identified for the first time the occupants of the helicopter as pilot and student pilot.
The suspect fired into the air and ordered both before boarding the helicopter, Reimann said.

Three other Academy personnel and then pointed out the suspect’s weapons, Reimann said.

A Hillsboro officer who responded to a call from an active gunman at the airport approached the hanger and ordered the suspect to the plane, Reimann said.

The suspect and the police exchanged shots when they jumped a fence and ran into a field.

Another Hillsboro officer shot the man in the field near the airport, Reimann said.

The incident is not believed to be an act of terrorism, Reimann said. The Hillsboro Police was first reported as an active shooting situation, Reimann told KATU’s CNN subsidiary.

The officer who shot the suspect was placed on administrative leave, which is a standard procedure, Reimann said.

Police try to use forensic medicine to identify the suspect, who had no identification on him.

A representative of Hillsboro Aero Academy could not be reached immediately.
‘The former Lord has dealt with us today’
Christopher Neal, director of public safety and security for Portland Harbor, told reporters that he and his wife and the 2-year-old son were in a nearby parking lot that looked like aircraft when he had a quick meeting with the suspect .

He saw the man, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, crossing the street and on the sidewalk, said Neal, CNN’s affiliated KOIN, said.

The man had his hands in his pockets, and Neal said he could say “it was something.”

“Immediately I thought it was a little warm for that hood,” he said.
The man got into the car and looked at the Neal family and turned to the front, Neal said.

“Then he pulled the gray mask on his face,” Neal said.
Neal immediately took his son and his 2-year-old wife in the car for safety.

“I saw him jump over the fence and start running inside,” he said. “And at that moment, they jumped in the car and we took off and called me.”

“The previous Lord has dealt with us today. I know because he was 10 feet away from us and looked directly at us,” Neal told CNN’s KPTV affiliate.

The airport was searched by authorities, officials said. The major crime unit in Washington County handles the case.

The Federal Aviation Administration has also been informed of the situation.

Port of Portland, owner and operator of the airport, said he was “grateful for the quick and professional response of the Hillsboro Police Department.”

The airport resumed operations after the incident, said the port in the statement.
Hillsboro is about 16 miles northwest of Portland.

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