Freedom of expression: Despite Trump, it is alive and kicking in the US

In a bookstore near the center of Times Square, New York, this Temple of Neon Trade, there is a box full of swollen hands and rubber, each no more than a box of matches. “Trump’s hand, full size,” says a poster in the text box, a mocking reference to a national joke about little hands and – you get drifting. On the road, in a dark room, dialogues and lyrics from a high-energy Broadway musical are illuminated by a line that invites the president’s challenge: “Stay Human” In the news, the New York Times lists How Donald Trump Lied Everyone The days during their first 100 days. Although the president talks about what he calls the “failed” and “dishonest” document, he offers unhindered access to the NYT review Maggie Haberman.

Respect for freedom of the press, the rule of law, unyielding faith in the constitution, public admonition and unrestricted freedom of expression makes the United States an advantage among democracies now in charge of populist that relies on The impulses of the majority and highlight institutions and democracy. Remember that the thousands of people on the streets who assaulted attacks against migrants Trump, lined up at airports to receive Muslim refugees and how American lawyers provided free legal aid. Contrast this with authority and concerned citizens a popular indifference from India, when police and politicians systematically propagate the actions of Lynch mosquitoes. There are no protest marches, there are lawyers who go out to help. In flickering democracies, institutions fall slowly. In Turkey, the electoral commission, once an institution of respect, is served before a critical referendum, new judges adopt a last-minute decree to accept unsealed ballots. The Constitution has been narrowly modified, and Recep Erdogan must again make his own country, while prisons are full of purged bureaucrats, soldiers, journalists and drafters.

At the annual White House dinner party, comedian Hasan Minhaj Trump calls the “chief liar” but points out: “In the United States, an Indian-American Muslim boy can lead to this stage and mock the president.” India, may be arrested for an article on a main minister of Facebook, political satire is not something that a risk to the cable network. In the US, a new show will laugh the president’s relations with his mother. “I got into one of my big apartment complexes,” said Trump, who appears as the host of his own talk show. “I must call my mother complex, and still exists today.”

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