Help for Mumbai auto driver with paralysed wife after photo of him carrying 2-year-old son goes viral

A powerful image of autorickshaw driver Versova Mohammad Saeed, 26, who left his two-year-old son to sleep on his lap during his work, recently became viral, resulting in family donations.

Two weeks ago, Saeed’s wife, Yasmin, 24, suffered a stroke, which paralyzed her. Working 24 hours 24 Saeed now looks after his wife and children, trying to make ends meet. He usually takes his son to work while his three month old daughter with the support of a neighbor.

Many times, potential clients have given another authorickshaw after seeing my son in the lap.We sleep with our empty stomachs because I am back home empty-handed on I did not have enough money to keep To my family, “he said.

Saeed’s emotions were highlighted by a film director, who tweeted a photo of him and urged citizens to help. Since then, Saeed has received innumerable calls – NGOs and people who want to help financially. On Monday morning, his bank officials called, saying that the money was deposited into his account.

“I have money, I do not know how it is, I’m going to go to the bank and check, I’ve also received countless calls from people who want to donate and help,” said the doctors, who will treat my wife for free.

“I have confidence in myself and Mumbai.I have always done a good job and I have never cheated, I thank all those who have offered to help,” he added.

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