Job offers shrink for IIT graduates, campus hiring falls to 66% this academic year. Here’s why

One of the three IIT graduates who finished this year has not found a suitable job or was deemed appropriate for a job through a placement on campus, officially show the situation, demonstrating a decrease in employment opportunities for The largest group of engineers in India.
Only 66% of those available for campus recruitment have opened a job in 2016-17, compared to 79% in 2015-16 and 78% in 2014-15, according to data made available by IIT For the development of human resources ministry (HRD). Of the 9104 students in 17 IIT who applied this year, it only has 6,011 jobs.
Data for the investment were shared in a 17 ITI. 75,000 students studying at 23 IIT in the country.
When contacted, the Ministry of Human Resource Development said that recruitment by the power source through GATE scores has increased in recent years and many recruited from IIT. “These figures do not reflect the recruitment numbers of the campus.We also have to add before drawing conclusions about employment opportunities for IIT students.Therefore, we consider that the employment situation does not really decrease for IIT.” Of contracting from what are considered major technical institutes reflect the possible impact of the economic slowdown on India as a whole. India’s estimated economic growth slowed to 7.1% in 2016-17 from 7.9% a year earlier.
Larsen & Toubro Ltd., for example, fired 14,000 employees during April-September last year, saying it had to remain agile and competitive.
Many companies in the industry and construction sectors have cut jobs in November-January to protect their profit margins after demonetization.
A wave of protectionist measures in countries like the United States has also occurred in the services sector, especially IT companies.
The first seven IT companies in India plan to fire at least 56,000 engineers.
“There is an increase in IIT, but the work remains the same. Of course, the work was divided among all IITs,” said Professor Padhy NP, Dean of Academic Affairs, IIT Roorkee to HT. “In the meantime, the new ITI had the opportunity to start the driving position much earlier than the rest to help.” In addition, the number of new companies that have participated previously also declined. .

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