Android O First Impressions: Quick Toggles, Smart Text Select, Picture in Picture and More Features

Google has stated that for Android O, the life of the battery is in another important area of attention, and is evident with the display of the battery parameters. D’une part, it exists engine one option pour active le percentage de la batterie – queue chose Que la plus part des fabricants not due activer eux-mêmes jusqu’à présent. Battery statistics are posted high on the largest policies, and also on time and on time publication, since the last full charge.
An autre changement que nous avons I observed that the réglages adaptatifs de luminosité et de sommeil sont available sous la batterie au lieu de l’affichage.
Android The Battery NDTV Android The Beta
Battery consumption Android addition to applications is also available on Android. The graph of the battery is always present and now the consumption of the battery of the clubs in the function of the applications, the system, the services, etc. More than not opt for the option of the plumber and check the specifications. Il est évident that the relations of the batteries have been modified for the regular users and always have the statistics for the nerds.
Avec Android O, Google also includes all system functions under a single parameter. This means that all parameters are available in one place. Security is also visually reinforced and can receive a set-up option for security corrections. In other, the parameters menu of Android Nougat displays a violet when you leave the left in the application settings. This can be printed in several parameters in the menu. Android O seems to have ignored this.Android Or generate a quick mix differently from previous versions. In applying sure la bascule sure Android, le nougat, after you have retired, you a conduit to the configuration screen. Sur Android O, that works like a scale and needs a long pressure to enter the parameters. In clinquant about the text, you can follow the mini menu in the background of the notification.

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