Top 10 summer holidays: Drive to Spiti, teach kids surfing in Tamil Nadu, go birding in Karnataka

Stark and rugged, the Spiti Valley is home to the top of the cliffs monasteries and remote villages at their steep peaks. Just the access road, the other world area is open to visitors for a few summer months, when the snow melts and the high ports are erased.

Although the ancient Hindustan-Tibet Shimla and Kinnaur road remains accessible for much of the year, the Manali road through Rohtang and Kunzum Pass, opens only very little, usually in mid-June.

Check the conditions of the road and go on a trip, watching the lush forests of Himachal gradually give Spiti lunar landscape. Visit ancient monasteries Dankar and Ki, the cities of Tabo and Kaza, and the sleepy settlements Kibber and Komic.

Go to Puri on June 25, while the coastal exploits of the city at a festival of epic proportions during the annual Rath Yatra. The procession begins in the 11th century Jagannath temple, as idols of the Trinity – are taken in large trucks – Lord Jagannath, his brother and his sister Subhadra Balabhadra.

Built as temples and bright decorations with green, black, red and yellow flags, with the typical works of Odisha Chandua, chariots or rats, they are drawn to the streets by thousands of devotees amidst a trap humanity, drums and music.

The idols are taken to the Gundicha Temple, where they remain for about nine days before being brought back home. Just before the monsoon season in early June, parts of Maharashtra cling to the light collected million fireflies.

Little by little, as bioluminescent insects float and dance to attract potential couples, woods and hills of light gold. Night walks and camping trips are a great way to introduce this wonder of nature to children during their summer vacation.

The magical phenomenon can be seen in places like Purushwadi and Prabalmachi where you can train under the stars or stay in a village house. Travel with a retention load like Grassroutes, which organizes the festival of one million fireflies on June 3

The time for your summer holiday in Goa, coinciding with the feast of St. John the Baptist on June 24 to see the local culture. The Catholic feast is celebrated with great enthusiasm in areas such as Siolim, where local men flowing jump into pits and bodies of water to pick up Feni bottles and other “gifts.”

The day begins with prayers for a good monsoon followed by Feni’s free flow of tissue crowns and usually a carnival atmosphere. Travel in northern Goa to see floats, boats decorated with light witnesses of local customs.

The nesting season for birds at the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary begins in June, making it the ideal place to visit the protected area of ​​the Cauvery River. Boats are the best way to go on the birds and approach the crocodiles basking in the rocks.

Roll slowly down the river, after the lush bamboo, eucalyptus and jamun islands, and keep your eyes fixed on the foliage to locate cleverly camouflaged nests and chicks.

Since there is not a lot of walking, Ranganathittu is the perfect place to introduce children to bird watching because the ferryman points out pelicans, herons, storks, white ibis, cormorants, herons and many other species of birdlife safe in The islets.

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